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This is a hit-and-run post, because I have not had time to actually read anybody else's journal lately. If I'm not leaving comments, it's not because I'm ignoring you, I'm just hopelessly behind on my dwircle/f-list. I'll sit down and go through it someday soon.

I recently arranged to give Orphan Kitten Rescue $10 per month. It’s tax deductible because they’re a registered charity, and I spend way more than $10 per month just on caffeine. It’s a much better cause than Starbucks. There was a section of the donation form where you could put any additional information, like if you were donating in someone else’s honour or something. So in that part of the form, I mentioned that I had adopted Young Miss Weaver from them in 2009, that she was an absolute joy, and mentioned the name she had when I adopted her. A name I promptly changed, because it was an intensely stupid name, but I didn’t tell them that part.

I guess the name was in their database, because about 24 hours later, I got an email which turned out to be from one of their volunteers, in point of fact the very volunteer who’d trapped YMW and her two litter-mates at the feral colony. So I sent her a photo of YMW as an adult, and thanked her for her good work. She emailed back that she was pretty sure the grey-and-white kitten (i.e. YMW) was the one who’d bitten her very hard during the rescue. Oh, how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless feral kitten! But I'm pretty impressed the volunteer could remember details like that from 5 years ago.

In related news, the weather’s warmed up a little and I no longer have to have the electric blanket on at night. YMW looks betrayed every time she sinks down on it and it’s not toasty warm. I swear, if she ever develops opposable thumbs and learns to operate the can opener and the controls for the electric blanket, I will rapidly become surplus to requirements. It’s a good thing I’m the one who pays the mortgage. Gives me a tiny bit of leverage.

We were told there was an “Arctic front” coming in, but it considerately bypassed Vancouver altogether, at least for now. Hit Whistler pretty bad, though.


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