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I first found out about this song a few months ago, when [personal profile] legionseagle linked to it on the BBC website. Alas, I got an error message because I was an overseas viewer. Tonight I had a brainwave: what if it's also on YouTube. With no further ado, I present The Cousin Song, from a BBC children's program called Horrible Histories. I know, I know, it's kids programming but it's also simply frelling HILARIOUS. Go click, it'll take like 90 seconds, you'll laugh your ass off, and you'll know more about the Frightful First World War than you did before.

I bought Glory, the Academy Award winning song from the movie Selma, and I love it. Which is odd, because rap music usually leaves me cold.

I have never figured out if I don't like rap because I don't like rap, or if I don't like it because I wasn't exposed to it at the right age. My school was very multicultural but had virtually no black people. I was exposed to bhangra music by South Asian friends at the right age and I appreciate that to this day.

Anyway, Common's spoken word duet with John Legend on vocals really works for me, and I suspect it's because of the explicitly political content of the rap. Anybody have any recs for artists or specific songs that are also explicitly political?


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