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I know I said I wasn't going to use my credit card for a month, but I am a weak, weak woman. I just bought one of these shirts for Niece. It says, "I'm not a princess, I'm a Khaleesi." I don't watch Game of Thrones, but Sister and BIL do. Plus, Sister is always dressing Niece in pink stuff with frills and ruffles. The shirt is pink, but it has a militant message. Pink but stealthily feminist. Hey, at least I didn't buy nail polish. Progress.

Besides, I was driven to it. YMW threw up all over my bed yesterday. Changing the sheets was *just* what I wanted to do after a long day at work. However, it was the first time in over 24 hours that she'd thrown up, which I'm choosing to take as a good sign. She's having anti-nausea meds with every meal and she's actually eating them. I'm sorry for the obsessive reports on the state of YMW's stomach, which must be very boring for everybody except me.

I'm babysitting Saturday, and am apprehensive. Niece is *exhausting*. Also, if I break her, Sister and BIL will never forgive me. It's not like I can pick up an undamaged replacement at Babies 'r' Us.

[personal profile] legionseagle over on Dreamwidth pointed out that the law school flow chart in my last post actually left out several important boxes.

I overheard the most incredibly transphobic comment on the Skytrain yesterday. I won't repeat it but it had me sputtering indignantly. I was contemplating breaking into the conversation of complete strangers standing next to me when the guy to whom the comment had been made seemed to notice my death glare and drew his conversational partner (the guy who made the comment) away. I didn't feel like following them to the other end of the Skytrain carriage to harangue the guy (although he would've deserved it), so I didn't. Good instincts, but fail on the follow-through. But they were both big guys, so caution kicked in.
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I just received the NICEST comment, feedbacking my feedback on a truly excellent fic. So now I'm beaming at the whole world, in spite of the fact that work is a cyclone, Brother-in-Law can barely walk, and Young Miss Weaver throws up everything I feed her. My obsessive over-analysis of fic I love pays off!

Also, Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1st. Hopefully it won't suck.

Gawked from [personal profile] cofax7, have a flow chart of reasons not to go to law school. Probably essential reading if you're considering law school, but if you're already a lawyer or already in law school, maybe don't read it. It would be discouraging.

The excellent fic in question, BTW, is Julia Roberts Sits on a Throne of Lies, by [personal profile] smithereen, and it's alternately *hilarious* and poignant. It's also unfinished, I feel I should warn people. It's hockey RPF, a Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane AU, set in early 2010 shortly after the Vancouver Olympics (during the season that the Blackhawks would later go on to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in decades). I am so very going to hell. I used to have standards, people. I wouldn't read RPF. But then authors I really loved in other fandoms started to write hockey RPF, and I ended up dipping my toe in the waters.

Oh look, the cat threw up again. Where's the paper towel? I'm so glad I have wood laminate flooring instead of real hardwood. She's definitely going for an ultrasound, as soon as my vet clinic connects with the itinerant veterinary radiologist and figures out when she can fit YMW in.

Edited to add: the above is not meant to denigrate people who cheerfully engage in reading and writing RPF. I just had a thing about it for a long time where I was uncomfortable with it, and then I, well, stopped being uncomfortable with it. Except a little guilt remains. But that's my own thing, not anybody else's.
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That wretched, wretched cat has decided she doesn’t like cooked chicken thigh anymore. And she’s not terribly keen on the Wellness canned food either. I’m not sure how she expects to survive without eating. She ignored the chicken long enough that I had to throw it out, but deigned to eat a few bites of the Wellness this morning, after 24 hours of turning up her nose at all food. I am running out of different foods to try with her. It’s like she thinks she’s Gandhi, or one of the early suffragettes in prison. I will stop at the hipster pet supply store on my way home and buy a few cans of various different brands of food, see if *something* tempts her. The vet said not to vary her diet too much, but the vet failed to take into account the idea that she might go on frelling hunger strike. I may also buy a starter pack of raw food, see if small morsels of that will stir her appetite.

I am getting thoroughly sick of this. Also thoroughly worried, because this is not especially normal behaviour. For five years she scarfed down whatever you put in front of her, and suddenly she’s the pickiest eater who ever picked. To say nothing of the vomiting (oh yes, she's started that again). If she keeps this up much longer, it’s back to the vet for an ultrasound, which she won’t enjoy one bit. I swear, if she turns out to have a terminal disease, I'll break her kneecaps. Except I don't think cats have kneecaps. She's not quite 6, I'm not ready to lose her. If she were 14 or something, I'd be mentally prepared.

Did anybody figure out why on earth UEFA scheduled Bayern v. Porto and Barcelona v. Paris St. Germain at the exact same time? You'd think they'd have had one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday, so people wouldn't have to choose which game to watch. And apparently they were both great games. I am annoyed with Michel Platini right now. I'm sublimating my worry about YMW into annoyance with UEFA, I suspect.
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Young Miss Weaver went back to the vet, and is fine (deeply pissed off, but physically fine). Vet suggests feeding her on a combination of cooked chicken thigh and Wellness canned food for the next four to six weeks and seeing if she mostly keeps it down. If she starts vomiting regularly again, he wants her to have an abdominal ultrasound with a radiologist.

I have extremely mixed feelings about Jose Mourinho (I admire his accomplishments, but think he's one of the biggest managerial brats in ANY sport), but I thought there were aspects of this interview that were interesting. I reproduce the most interesting bits below under the cut:Read more... )

YMW is extremely stoned after I gave her the kitty tranquilizers so I could get her into the carrier. She *thinks* she's not clumsy, and keeps trying to do wildly ambitious things like jump up on the computer desk, only to stumble. Poor creature.
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Someone remind me that I do NOT need to buy any more nail polish, even if it is on sale. Someone do it fast, please. Willpower, schmillpower. I have none where the shiny (and the matte) is concerned.

Do I wish to buy Bienvenue chez les ch'tis? It's on cheaply at Amazon and my French teacher recommended it highly but I don't know if I share her taste in movies. Anybody seen it? I know I have at least 2 actual French people on my f-list/dwircle, and at least 1 actual francophone besides them.

It was 2 weeks yesterday since the vet visit, and Young Miss Weaver is now having small amounts of Almo Nature wet food and Orijen kibble mixed in with her special gastrointestinal food. So far it's all staying down. However, looking at the amount of money I managed to spend at the pet supply shop yesterday stocking up on a great variety of different high-end foods, I think I'm going to come to regret not just letting her waste away like a consumptive out of a nineteenth century opera. I kid, I kid. I wouldn't let her starve to death, even if she is a huge brat.

The owner of my local hipster pet supply store was extremely helpful (and well he might be, with what I was spending). However, he doesn't stock Tiki Cat, said he did in the past but the local wholesale supplier was unreliable. He does stock Almo Nature and a few other, slightly cheaper brands he recommended for cats with finicky stomachs.

YMW really likes the Orijen kibble,w which is high-protein and sourced from Alberta, land of cowboys, oil, creationism and apparently premium pet food. She's never been on kibble before, because when I adopted her I already had Grendel on the Natural Balance grain-free wet food, so she just got the same food as him, even after he went to a "better place" (or, knowing his personality, probably went to a much hotter place! The "better place" euphemism was not mine, was that of a particularly unctuous co-worker who has now moved on. The word is "died", for fuck's sake). YMW apparently finds kibble crunchy and delicious.

With any luck her health issues will settle down now, and I can quit boring my f-list/dwircle comatose with the details of her dietary shenanigans.
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Oh f-list, my f-list, talk to me about the raw food diet. Positives, negatives? My google-fu is failing me because every source I read is either "a raw food diet will change your cat's life" or "a raw food diet will kill your cat". I have neither the time nor the inclination to make my own cat food, but I'm told there are commercially prepared frozen raw foods out there with a balance of ingredients. You just defrost and serve. Is it worth trying? My local pet supply store has a freezer section.

As of today, I am supplementing YMW's Medi-Cal Gastro-Intestinal Cat Food diet with bits of cooked chicken breast, because chicken breast seems to be the only thing besides the Medi-Cal that she can keep down right now. And she hates the Medi-Cal, eats less of it with every day that passes (not hyperbole. I'm recording exactly how much she's eating and how much she's leaving in the dish until it spoils, and there's a steady decline). But I can't afford to feed her on chicken breast until the end of time, not to mention the fact that it's hardly a balanced diet. Also, I have a conceptual problem with cooking my cat human grade chicken breast while I eat an egg salad sandwich for supper! Maybe I should keep her on the Medi-Cal alone, on the assumption that sooner or later she'll get hungry enough to eat it in the amounts the vet said she would, but in the meantime she's losing weight.

If you don't have an opinion, or are bored silly by YMW's gastric shenanigans (and hell, *I'm* bored silly by them), feel free to scroll on by. I feel bad about inflicting yet another post of this kind on my long-suffering dwircle/f-list, but I can think of little else given that she's basically on a hunger strike. She is not a political prisoner in my home, though, I swear! Stupid animal.
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So, I've been reading the open access parts of the New Yorker and chuckling madly, and I've decided I'm going to ask my family to club together and get me a subscription for my birthday. My birthday isn't until October, but it's important to set goals ahead of time. The question becomes do I want a digital-only subscription ($59.99 CAD per year) or do I want them to send me the print edition in the mail and have the ability to clip out articles and physically send them to people ($89.99 CAD per year)? Bearing in mind that my dad and my uncles don't really *do* the internet. The print subscription comes with the digital subscription included. But I read magazines, actual print magazines, so rarely now. The Economist, yeah, because we get it at the office, so I'll grab back issues to read in my lunch break. But everything else I do digitally. I guess I could always print up something funny from the New Yorker digital edition for my Luddite relatives. And it's not like I don't have time to make a decision. October is some months away, after all.

Edited to add: It's decided, I'll ask for a digital version. I have enough paper in the damn apartment already.

And [personal profile] inlovewithnight posted a book review of a book that looks HELLA interesting, Lutz Kleveman's Wanderjahre: A Reporter's Journey in a Mad World, only $3.99 CAD at Amazon.ca. I'm still in the first chapter, but so far it's great.

Edited to Add: And I just read a very excoriating review of the book above, calling it Kleveman's big ego trip, and incidentally mentioned that there are descriptions of serious animal cruelty. I liked the little bit of the book I've read so far, but I edit to point out that my point of view may not be the only one, and anybody who has a hard time with reading about animal cruelty may want to give it a miss.

YMW has put herself on a strict diet. She's down to about 1.5 cans a day of the special gastrointestinal food when she's supposed to have 4 cans. She'd be eating 1 can a day if I didn't give it to her a heaping teaspoonful at a time every few hours, and then refrigerate the leftovers. When I would empty a whole (little) can into her food bowl, she'd just nibble at it for a few minutes and then leave the rest to go stale. She seems *fine* except for the fact that she's eating so little. Oh well, she could stand to lose a pound, but if it keeps up much longer I'll have to take her back to the vet. Hopefully she'll get her appetite back once I reintroduce the regular food.

Sorry for the near daily updates on the state of YMW's gastro-intestinal tract, which I'm sure must be very boring for everybody except me.
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This is a hit-and-run post, because I have not had time to actually read anybody else's journal lately. If I'm not leaving comments, it's not because I'm ignoring you, I'm just hopelessly behind on my dwircle/f-list. I'll sit down and go through it someday soon.

I recently arranged to give Orphan Kitten Rescue $10 per month. It’s tax deductible because they’re a registered charity, and I spend way more than $10 per month just on caffeine. It’s a much better cause than Starbucks. There was a section of the donation form where you could put any additional information, like if you were donating in someone else’s honour or something. So in that part of the form, I mentioned that I had adopted Young Miss Weaver from them in 2009, that she was an absolute joy, and mentioned the name she had when I adopted her. A name I promptly changed, because it was an intensely stupid name, but I didn’t tell them that part.

I guess the name was in their database, because about 24 hours later, I got an email which turned out to be from one of their volunteers, in point of fact the very volunteer who’d trapped YMW and her two litter-mates at the feral colony. So I sent her a photo of YMW as an adult, and thanked her for her good work. She emailed back that she was pretty sure the grey-and-white kitten (i.e. YMW) was the one who’d bitten her very hard during the rescue. Oh, how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless feral kitten! But I'm pretty impressed the volunteer could remember details like that from 5 years ago.

In related news, the weather’s warmed up a little and I no longer have to have the electric blanket on at night. YMW looks betrayed every time she sinks down on it and it’s not toasty warm. I swear, if she ever develops opposable thumbs and learns to operate the can opener and the controls for the electric blanket, I will rapidly become surplus to requirements. It’s a good thing I’m the one who pays the mortgage. Gives me a tiny bit of leverage.

We were told there was an “Arctic front” coming in, but it considerately bypassed Vancouver altogether, at least for now. Hit Whistler pretty bad, though.


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