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I think I'm going to have a garden this year. These past few years depression has manifested in me doing absolutely zilch on my nice big patio (well, big by apartment standards). But I still have all my pots from the years when I was an inexpert but enthusiastic gardener, and I have asked the maternal unit to bring me a big bag of potting soil from Rona or Home Depot on her next visit. She has a car, you see. Then I will meander down to the Home Hardware near me and see what they can do for me in the way of bulbs and stuff. Yay!

My shrink is in Vienna, allegedly at a psychiatry conference, but I think he's going to be doing a lot of sightseeing as well. At our last appointment he told me proudly that he was going to see the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (a Dutch orchestra located in Amsterdam, at an absolutely gorgeous music venue called the Concertgebouw) play Debussy at the Golden Hall. The Vienna Symphony is away touring, so the Concertgebouworkest has nobly stepped into the breach. Then he asked me anxiously if the orchestra in question was any good. I wonder sometimes if BC Medical Services Plan would continue paying for my therapy if they realized how much of our session was taken up with stuff unrelated to my mental health.

I forgot to tell him the story I got from my godmother (who's not really my godmother owing to the whole Communist,* atheist Jewish thing, but she fills that function in my life, so I call her that). Back in the day, the Concertgebouw used to have a chorus, a choir made up of gifted amateurs, not a professional choir. They were extremely well-endowed, and some clueless Concertgebouw administrator decided, "Oh, let's close down the chorus and then their endowment can go into the general pot." What he failed to appreciate was that one of the major reasons the chorus got such big donations was because a member of the Albert Heijn family was a chorister! Albert Heijn is a big Dutch supermarket chain and the family are very wealthy. Needless to say, having had his chorus ripped away from him, the gentleman declined to make any further donations to the Concertgebouw. EVER AGAIN.

* Technically I think my godparents resigned their Communist Party memberships in 1968 after the Prague Spring. So I guess you could call them socialists.


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