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I know I said I wasn't going to use my credit card for a month, but I am a weak, weak woman. I just bought one of these shirts for Niece. It says, "I'm not a princess, I'm a Khaleesi." I don't watch Game of Thrones, but Sister and BIL do. Plus, Sister is always dressing Niece in pink stuff with frills and ruffles. The shirt is pink, but it has a militant message. Pink but stealthily feminist. Hey, at least I didn't buy nail polish. Progress.

Besides, I was driven to it. YMW threw up all over my bed yesterday. Changing the sheets was *just* what I wanted to do after a long day at work. However, it was the first time in over 24 hours that she'd thrown up, which I'm choosing to take as a good sign. She's having anti-nausea meds with every meal and she's actually eating them. I'm sorry for the obsessive reports on the state of YMW's stomach, which must be very boring for everybody except me.

I'm babysitting Saturday, and am apprehensive. Niece is *exhausting*. Also, if I break her, Sister and BIL will never forgive me. It's not like I can pick up an undamaged replacement at Babies 'r' Us.

[personal profile] legionseagle over on Dreamwidth pointed out that the law school flow chart in my last post actually left out several important boxes.

I overheard the most incredibly transphobic comment on the Skytrain yesterday. I won't repeat it but it had me sputtering indignantly. I was contemplating breaking into the conversation of complete strangers standing next to me when the guy to whom the comment had been made seemed to notice my death glare and drew his conversational partner (the guy who made the comment) away. I didn't feel like following them to the other end of the Skytrain carriage to harangue the guy (although he would've deserved it), so I didn't. Good instincts, but fail on the follow-through. But they were both big guys, so caution kicked in.
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Gawked from [personal profile] twistedchick, Gay and Mennonite by Emma Green of The Atlantic. Essentially there is schism pending amongst Mennonite conferences over whether liberal congregations should be allowed to perform same-sex marriages, etc. Really interesting read.

I am reading the most *interesting* book right now. I should probably wait until I finish it before I rec it, because I'm only a few chapters in, but it's really good so far. At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance - a New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power, by Danielle L. McGuire. It's a real mouthful of a title, and I had thought it would be a super-depressing read, but it's not so far.

I am also reading Sid Lowe's Fear and Loathing in La Liga: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, for a change of pace. Lowe is the Guardian's correspondent on Spanish football, and an entertaining writer (although his writing style is not for everyone). I've also just discovered that one of my absolute favourite Guardian football writers, Barney Ronay, has written a book, The Manager: The Absurd Ascent of the Most Powerful Man in Football, which I am contemplating buying based on how much Ronay's columns make me laugh. Marina Hyde, who writes for the Guardian very entertainingly both about football and about showbiz, has written a book too, but it's sadly out of print, so not available in e-book format. Given how funny her articles are, I may give Celebrity: How Entertainers Took Over the World and Why We Need an Exit Strategy give it a shot, and buy it cheaply used.

Um, I might make more progress in books if I picked *one* book to read and read it through to the end, instead of dipping in and out of several books at once. But I am a dipper at heart, I fear. Even if I'm really enjoying a book, after a few chapters, I need a change of pace.

The rain has stopped and I need to go to the hardware store and buy plants (i'm not one of those fancy gardeners like [personal profile] madripoor_rose who garden from seed. I'm a bedding out plants type of person. I already have potting soil courtesy of my mum, so now I need plants to put in it. But I'm finding it difficult to get out of my polar bear pyjamas and get a move on. It's almost 1 pm, for Pete's sake. Time to get up.

Also, it's occurred to me that there may be a *reason* I'm broke all the time: I spend too much money on books.


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