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I had to laugh, because I was reading an article on a Chicago-based website, and there was an ad for lakeside properties in Lake Geneva. I thought that was odd, so clicked on the ad and it turned out to be for real estate in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Which is probably a very nice lake, and judging by the prices of the waterfront properties, it had BETTER be a very nice lake. But the contrast from my expectations of Switzerland to the reality of Wisconsin was quite dramatic.

Speaking of Chicago, does anybody remember a really good book about Chicago and an ex-mayor of theirs? I guess technically it was a biography (unauthorized, natch) of the mayor, but really it was about the corrupt political machine that he headed up. I had to read it for a class years and years ago and it was excellent, but I sold the book back to the university bookstore after I finished the class, and I don't remember the author, or the name of the mayor in question or anything. I'm not even 100% sure it was Chicago, it could've been Pittsburgh or somewhere like that. My google-fu is failing me, so I'm asking the internet for tips.

Edited to add: And [personal profile] ancarett comes through with a name. It's Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago, by Mike Royko.

[profile] frenchani has lots of fascinating meta on the most recent episode of Mad Men, but it's wasted on me because I don't watch the show. I tried a few episodes because of YoSaffBridge from Firefly (one of Christina Hendricks's early roles, before she found fame as Joan), but it didn't hook me. But [profile] frenchani reliably offers great meta on shows that I do watch, so I rec this anyway.


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