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Sorry, I am still very busy and not keeping up at all well with LJ and DW. I owe people replies to their comments, I know, and I'm slowly getting through them. But on the bright side, I am slightly less depressed than I was when I last updated. Yay.

Two reasons to update:

1. It started SNOWING again last Friday morning, and has yet to really stop for more than about 12 hours at a time. SNOWING!!! In Vancouver, of all places.

2. Does anybody have a good recommendation or five for good books about the English Civil War, preferably published at some point in the past 40 years? See, I was obsessed with "The Children of the New Forest" when I was a kid, must've read it so many times the book literally fell apart. And as a child, I also read some history books about the English Civil War belonging to my parents. But they were probably pretty old even when I read them. Then I kind of dropped the subject until just recently, and now there are all these new (or at least published after I was born) books out there, and I don't know which of them are good.
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Enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities if you celebrate. And even if you don't, drive safely tonight. Remember to watch out for people setting off fireworks and firecrackers.

In other news, I feel like I should DO something for Dine Out Vancouver, but I'm not sure I have the energy to actually organize something. Dine out Vancouver is a special thing that runs in Greater Vancouver from January 20 - February 5 this year. Participating restaurants offer a special 3 course prix fixe menu at a price point of either $20, $30 or $40 per person, depending on the fanciness of the restaurant. Beverages, taxes and tips are extra, but it's still a darn good deal. I've coordinated dinners with friends in previous years and it's always been fun.

At least all the snow has melted. After a solid month of snow and ice, I don't want to see another snowflake ever again. I live in Vancouver for a REASON, people.
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I aten't dead, as Granny Weatherwax would say (damn, I miss Terry Pratchett). It's just been an unfathomably shitty week so I've been avoiding LJ/DW for fear of bringing everybody else's mood down. Also, I owe about five different people comments from my last post, so I really ought to answer those before posting again.

But you have GOT to read this! It's hysterically funny, and even though I am not myself an academic, having been an undergrad exposed me to enough of academic life to think, "It's funny because it's true." Go! Read! What are you waiting for? You'll laugh, I promise. Even if you never went to university.

And now, after one paragraph of levity, I go back to my usual doom and gloom and neurosis.
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So, I have this friend I've known for a number of years (in meatspace as well as online) who lives in Switzerland at the moment, not far from Zurich and Lucerne. She is looking for a trustworthy house sitter to look after her two cats during the month of July 2017 while she's travelling. I copy paste her exact words:

So if anyone wants a holiday in Switzerland next summer, I'm looking desperately for a housesitter to look after my cats for the month of July - payment to be discussed, but a free apartment 30 minutes from Zurich/30 minutes from Luzern and within a few hours of Italy, France, or Germany can't be discounted :)

If you're interested or know someone who might be interested, let me know in comments or via PM, and I'll put you in touch with her. She's a very reliable person, I assure you, and is currently going anon only because she doesn't want the entire world to know exactly where she lives.

This offer would suit a retired person or someone who gets summers off like a teacher. Or maybe it could suit someone with a different kind of job, too. Theoretically, I could take her up on her offer, as I have enough accumulated vacation time, but several other people at my office put in for vacation this coming July well before Christmas, and we're a small office. Evidently i have to be quicker off the mark in future if I want to take vacation at peak vacation time.
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My first day back at work after the New Year long weekend SUCKED. But enough about that, let's talk about icons. I may have mentioned (or possibly complained about) my inability to find any Rogue One icons on Livejournal. So I looked on Dreamwidth instead, and found these. Aren't they lovely?
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I was sitting on the sofa reading a book about an hour ago. The sofa is in the living room. The cat was also in the living room. All of a sudden, with no warning, there was a horrendous sounding crashing noise from the bedroom. Young Miss Weaver (the traitor) disappeared under the sofa. I grabbed my phone and peered into the bedroom very tentatively, half-expecting that either a burglar or a tree had come through the bedroom window. Nope. One of the folding doors on the bedroom closet had come off its hinges and gone crashing to the floor, and had gouged scratches in the painted finish of the remaining folding door as it went.

I suppose it could've been worse, but not a single soul, either human or animal, was in that room when the door went, and the window wasn't open, so I can't blame a gust of wind. Do I have a poltergeist? Of course, the rational explanation is that the hinges had, unbeknownst to me, been quietly failing for weeks or months, and they finally gave out altogether an hour ago. But I prefer the idea of a poltergeist. It's much more dramatic.

In other news, I am unable to find any Rogue One icons on Livejournal. Lots on Tumblr, but Tumblr icons are a different size. Tomorrow I will look on Dreamwidth. Assuming I still have an apartment, that is, and that the roof doesn't cave in on me in the night. If I never post again, you'll know why. Um, this sort of attitude could be why my Grade 1 teacher told my mother I was "dramatic".
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I have the heat turned well up but i'm still cold. I'd better not be getting sick. Seeing Rogue One again yesterday afternoon was awesome. At some point I'll have something coherent to say about that movie, but it may not be today.

I've calmed down about the LJ servers moving to Russia thing. My biggest concern at this point is that SUP, the owners of LiveJournal, might decide to someday close down the English language blogs altogether, not for political reasons but because they're no longer profitable. But we'll deal with that when and if it happens.

At this point, I'm pretty much skimming LJ/DW entries and quickly scrolling past anything political, because reading it ratchets up my anxiety big time.

I am wearing my BC SPCA "The best things in life aren't things" sweatshirt, and I'm cold anyway. This is a warm and fluffy sweatshirt.

Young Miss Weaver continues to be a good cat. We both woke up around midnight last night, because the neighbours were making noise and someone in the distance was setting off fireworks. She went and look out the window, then shook her head and walked back down the bed to settle back down on my feet.

P.S. Oh, and if we could please have fewer deaths of people involved in the arts in 2017 than we did in 2016, that would be great.
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And just what I wanted to hear, Livejournal's servers are moving to Russia. [personal profile] shadowkat has further details. I've been cross-posting between LJ and Dreamwidth since 2011, so it doesn't make a huge difference to me, but there are people I value who are only on LJ, at least for now.
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Well, shit. It was just announced that Carrie Fisher has died. Obituary from the Guardian. Her poor family.

The weird part is I had bought her latest book, The Princess Diarist, only a few days before she was announced to have had the heart attack and been admitted to hospital. Somehow it feels wrong to read it now, even though she was a wonderful and savagely witty raconteur.
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I saw Rogue One last night, and because some people consider even reactions to be spoilers, I will put my reaction behind a cut. Please note, though, there are no actual SPOILER spoilers behind the cut:

Read more... )

That is all.

P.S. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a relaxing long weekend to those who don't.
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Would I be considered cowardly if I just quit reading and watching the news? Between Aleppo, Berlin and Ankara, I'm finding reality to be a little scary.

Let's talk about vids, instead. I have absolutely none of the skills required to be a vidder, but I enjoy watching the fruits of other people's labours. [personal profile] kaydeefalls, who IS a vidder, has a question about kickass moms in media.
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Have not been on LJ/DW much the past few days due to extreme busy-ness. This is not a post, it's a survey with only one question:

Should I go to a movie theatre and watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, or not? Please no spoilers! A simple yes or no would be quite sufficient.
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We're supposed to get a bunch more snow tomorrow, but I'm hoping that the dire forecasts are over-egging the pudding, as my granny used to say. I should really have stopped at the supermarket after work and bought supplies BEFORE the onslaught of frozen water from the sky, but I was feeling gross at the end of the day and just went straight home instead. I'll regret it tomorrow, I'm sure.

[profile] shadowkat67 has a really interesting post about how to distinguish fake news from real news. Plus her post includes a few other bits and bobs. Um, warning to anybody on my f-list/dwircle who is a big fan of US President-Elect Trump (hey, it could happen), Shadowkat really, really isn't a fan of his. So maybe give the post a miss in that case.

Young Miss Weaver has been irritating the hell out of me lately by hiding when I come home. For seven bloody years, she has always raced into the front hallway to greet me and demand her dinner (not necessarily in that order). Now she hides, for JUST long enough to unnerve me and make me go into crisis mode ("Is the cat dead?" or "Did robbers break in and traumatize her and take all my stuff?"). Then, in a leisurely way, she makes an appearance (and demands her dinner). Those few minutes in between me getting home and her making an appearance tend to feel like hours to someone of my nervous disposition.
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I got linked to this by someone on my f-list, forget whom, and I normally hate sentimental Christmassy commercials, but this Polish commercial is SO FRELLING AWESOME. My cold dead heart was touched, which very rarely happens. Warning: it's 90 seconds long. Go through the whole 90 seconds. It's so worth it.
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I thought all my Christmas presents were bought, but I had totally forgotten about Sister and Brother-in-Law. Oops? Oh well, better to figure it out on Dec 7 than Dec 24. Sister's gift is now ordered, but BIL has not yet told me what he wants, so he remains ungifted.

I did NOT wipe out on an icy sidewalk today. Go me. Wiping out was yesterday morning's fun project. And some complete asshole actually laughed. Granted, I probably looked ridiculous, but I was in pain (ended up with a nasty bruise on my knee). It's very demoralizing to be laughed at when you've just fallen to the ground and are struggling to get up on a surface which continues slippery.

I ordered another lip stain from Jane Iredale, since the first one worked so well, and it arrived today, which soothed my wounded pride. Inside the box, it was all wrapped up in tissue paper tied with a bow, with a sprig of lavender tucked into the bow. Real honest to God lavender, in December.
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It took me TWO HOURS to get to work today. My usual commute is about thirty minutes. UGH!!!! This city just shuts DOWN when we get a few inches of snow, damnit! This morning the buses were down, the Skytrain was down, the roads were near impassable between slushy snow and idiot drivers getting into accidents because they try to drive in snow just like they drive in rain. And it's supposed to be cold tonight, which means all the snow and slush on the roads and sidewalks will freeze up, causing yet more problems tomorrow as I try to walk on an ice rink and cars slither around all over the street.


I got home okay, mercifully. One of my co workers doesn't live too far from me and he drives. He was worried about getting into difficulties on my side street, so he dropped me at the nearest intersection with a big street. I only had to walk four blocks, yay! He doesn't usually leave at the same time as me, but shortly before I was due to leave, my boss started telling everyone to pack up and get home.

And it's STILL frelling snowing! Not very hard, admittedly, but frozen water continues to fall from the sky and aggravate me.

Apparently all classes at SFU were cancelled today. The university authorities correctly gauged that the buses wouldn't be able to get up Burnaby Mountain. So, everybody, stay safe out there. Drive carefully, and pedestrians, the visibility is horrendous, so consider a brightly coloured scarf or something.
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Hat tip to [personal profile] recessional, who linked to this article, in which an Alberta judge who said HORRIBLE things to the victim during a rape trial (and more to the point, showed very little understanding of Canadian laws about sexual assault) has been unanimously recommended for removal from the bench by a review panel of other judges. As Recessional points out, this is merely a step in a long process, and he will doubtless appeal, but still, for once the system seems to be working. Makes a nice change.
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People who live in London or know London fairly well, which suburb would you say is more ethnically diverse: Clapham or Fulham? I do have a reason for asking, but it's a rather complicated one to explain, so I figured I'd just ask the question.

How is everybody on this unusually bright Saturday morning? Well, it's bright in Vancouver, at any rate.
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I spent 30 bloody minutes after work on hold with Telus, only to be passed around like a hot potato and finally told that I would likely have to hold for another 30 minutes in order to fix a problem I did not create, at which point I said fuck this and hung up. Well, technically I said, "Never mind. I'll call back on the weekend. Goodbye." because it's not nice to swear at the poor bastards who work in call centres.

But on the bright side, my Chinese food just arrived (i was in no way, shape or form prepared to cook tonight) and I'm going to go and eat it. Also on the bright side, one more workday until the weekend.

Also, I recently started re-reading Jane Austen's "Persuasion", and man, I had forgotten just how SPECTACULARLY narcissistic Sir Walter Elliot and his eldest daughter Elizabeth are. How on earth did Anne Elliot come to be born into that family of horrors?
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I'm going to be all girly for a bit and talk about make-up, specifically lipstick. But Rain, since when do you wear make-up? Well, I had a job interview this morning (didn't go so great, but fortunately I already have a job, so it just means I won't get a promotion, it doesn't mean I'm unemployed). I tend to get very flushed when I'm nervous, so I dug out my MAC powder compact that I bought for a family wedding a few years ago and have used about three or four times a year since. And very recently I was talked into buying a Jane Iredale Lip Fixation lip stain and moisturizing lip gloss, on the grounds that it's similar to Benetint, but with more colours to choose from and a less drippy formula. I have not given up on Benetint, but it comes in only 3 colours, none of which is unmistakably a ME colour. Lip Fixation comes in "Desire", which is a fabulously, unmistakably ME colour. Also, 11 other colours.

Basically, it comes in a two-ended stick-like container. One end contains your lip stain, which you brush on with the built-in brush as if it were a lip gloss (it has that consistency). You give it a minute or two to dry, then you use the other end to brush on the clear lip gloss, which doesn't just provide a glossy finish, it also moisturizes. I was skeptical, but the very nice aesthetician who'd given me a very relaxing facial told me it was just the thing I needed, and I decided to believe her. Smartest thing I've done in a while.

See, I've always had a love-hate relationship with lipstick. I wear it sometimes, because it brightens up my face in a big way, but it drives me batty. I leave lipstick on my water bottle, on my coffee cup, on my lunch. It's completely impractical, as a cosmetic. And then I was introduced to Benetint, which is a lip stain rather than a lipstick. But I wasn't crazy about the drippy formula, or the colour (which I'd bought as the best of the 3 on offer, rather than because I was in love with the colour and thought it was flattering). So after a few weeks it ended up at the back of the medicine cabinet.

This Jane Iredale stuff, though, is the lip stain I never knew I always wanted. I put it on at 7 am. I drank copiously from my water bottle, and never saw a single smudge. I ate lunch, and wiped my mouth with a paper napkin after. Still no change. THEN, on my way home from the bus stop to my apartment, I got queasy and threw up all over the sidewalk. Scrubbed at my mouth with a handkerchief quite firmly several times. Got home, went into the bathroom (just in case there was anything left in my tummy to throw up), and looked at my face, in particular my mouth. Still looked exactly like it had at 7 am, except I'd wiped off all the glossy clear topcoat. This stuff WORKS. Go try it.
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