Jun. 13th, 2017

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I am simultaneously going through a Sarah McLachlan rediscovery phase, a Kathleen Battle rediscovery phase, and discovering the music of Harry Connick, Jr. for the first time. McLachlan is sort of folky poppy alternative whatever, Battle is an opera singer, and Connick mostly sings swing and blues tunes from a bygone era. I have no idea how I'm managing this strange trifecta. Usually when I go through a discovery or rediscovery stage in music, I stick with just ONE artist at a time and mainline their stuff until I'm sick of it. Apparently not any more.

Oh, and I've been horribly sick with projectile vomiting. Ick. Feeling much better now, but I felt godawful for a while there, wasted a perfectly good weekend. And today I had to wear my jacket both to and from the office because it was a cold and grey day. It's MID-JUNE!!!!

But today on the way home from work (with my jacket on) I met a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback cross who's only 6 months old, enormous, and projected to get even bigger, according to her owner. They don't know for sure what she is crossed WITH, but evidently the mysterious daddy is on the big side for a canine, along with the Rhodesian Ridgeback mommy. Lovely, friendly, charming puppy. Apparently RRs were initially bred to hunt big cats in Africa, so I guess they sort of have no choice but to be enormous if they want to be of any use at all. However, the only danger I was in from this one was of getting licked to death.

Oh, and I found the most beautiful antique sapphire and seed pearl necklace. It's only approximately the price of my apartment. A mere bagatelle! Sometimes I think I should've been born a Rockefeller. I have expensive tastes and no way to indulge them! Are the Rockefellers still rich, or am I dating myself terribly? I haven't heard of any Rockefellers doing anything noteworthy in my lifetime, so I figure either the trust funds are all drained dry by now or they just lay low.

How are you guys? What are you up to? Hopefully not projectile vomiting. We don't want that getting around.


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