Feb. 6th, 2017

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Sorry, I am still very busy and not keeping up at all well with LJ and DW. I owe people replies to their comments, I know, and I'm slowly getting through them. But on the bright side, I am slightly less depressed than I was when I last updated. Yay.

Two reasons to update:

1. It started SNOWING again last Friday morning, and has yet to really stop for more than about 12 hours at a time. SNOWING!!! In Vancouver, of all places.

2. Does anybody have a good recommendation or five for good books about the English Civil War, preferably published at some point in the past 40 years? See, I was obsessed with "The Children of the New Forest" when I was a kid, must've read it so many times the book literally fell apart. And as a child, I also read some history books about the English Civil War belonging to my parents. But they were probably pretty old even when I read them. Then I kind of dropped the subject until just recently, and now there are all these new (or at least published after I was born) books out there, and I don't know which of them are good.


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