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I have had an earworm all day. A constant loop of “Dear Mr. Hamilton, your fellow Federalists would like to know how you’ll be voting.”

It’s not that it’s a BAD line from the musical, but it’s not one of my favourite songs, and not one of my favourite lines either. I was desperately trying to create a new earworm by singing very softly under my breath, “I’m taking my time watching the afterbirth of a nation, watching the tension grow.” Because that IS one of my favourite lines from “Hamilton”. But my efforts to hack my own brain were unsuccessful.

I think I’m going to have to either stop taking the Seroquel or drastically reduce the dosage. Quite apart from the fact that it’s making my blood sugar go nuts (a well-known side effect), it’s also giving me a terribly dry mouth (another well-known side effect). Not too bad during the day, but a nightmare at night. I can't breathe through my mouth without ending up with a ravenous thirst and needing to get out of bed for water. And I can't breathe through my nose well right now, because I'm still stuffed up. I have to steam a couple of times a night just so I can try and go to sleep. Whine, whine. Complain, complain. I don’t like pouring boiling water into a container and covering my head with a towel as I inhale and exhale hot moist air through my nostrils. It does the trick, but I don’t like it. It makes me claustrophobic.

However, finding a substitute for the Seroquel could be tricky. My doctor and I discussed it after I first went on it and the side effects first hit. It’s one of the few reliable anti-anxiety/sleep meds that is totally non-habit-forming. He doesn’t want to give me too much Ativan or Zopiclone, both of which are habit-forming, and which are the only other drugs I’ve tried thus far which really knock me out. When we last talked about it, he mused with an entirely straight face, “Well, I’ve been hearing a lot in the media lately about fentanyl. Maybe that’s an option.” And then he paused for a moment to take in my look of astonishment, before adding, “Just checking you were listening.” He’s a funny guy.

Anyway, I suspect I may just need to go back to living in a heightened state of anxiety like I was before I started taking Seroquel. That should be fun. But if I literally can’t breathe on it, it may be doing more harm than good. So, how is everybody else doing on this dreary Wednesday evening?
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Apparently Twitter trolls are negatively affecting the company's bottom line in a pretty big way. Capitalism in action!.
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[personal profile] kinkthatwinked has written a marvellous poem about getting older. The other day was National Poetry Day (presumably down in the States), and shared it. I have convinced her to let me share it with others as well. Circling the Drain.

In other news, happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, and happy Saturday to the rest of you.
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I've known Donna on the internet for about a decade, and she's never asked for money before. However, if you have a spare $5 or so lying around, please consider her GoFundMe page. Donna is off work right now being treated for cancer, and her husband is on long-term disability. Her brother-in-law in Georgia was killed in a car accident a few days ago and she and her husband would like to go to the funeral. Given that they live in the USA where one is expected to nearly bankrupt oneself before the insurance kicks in, even when someone has cancer, money is very tight for them right now, and they can't afford to fly out for the funeral without financial assistance.

Donna is good people, and has been a supportive friend to me over the years. I've given what I can, and am signal-boosting just in case someone on my f-list/dwircle has a little bit of spare money lying around and no clear idea of what to spend it on. I can think of worse causes. Thanks for reading.

And all the money has been raised. Yay
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I have recently been infested with teeny tiny flies. It puzzled the hell out of me, because I don't keep food outside of the fridge, the compost pail is sealed, and I've been scooping the litter box every single day ever since the first fly appeared (and even before that I was usually scooping every other day). Today I discovered the culprit: an apple core that I thought I had thrown into my sealed compost pail a few days ago, but which in fact had become wedged in between the back of the compost pail and the kitchen wall. Yuck!

The question becomes, now that I have located the food source of these tiny pestilential insects, will the flies die off on their own soon, or do I need to buy a big can of Raid or similar to kill them off? I don't care for the idea of breathing in Raid, but at the same time, I am willing to do so if that's the only way to get rid of them.

I recently discovered a website called Quora, where you can ask the most bizarre questions and people will actually answer them. In fact, they've mostly already been asked and answered. I have no IDEA what this website's business model is. There's no advertising whatsoever, and you don't have to pay a subscription fee, but for the first few days I was addicted to reading all the esoteric questions and answers I could lay my hands on.

However, I figured out that there's a lot of Sexism 101, Racism 101, Homophobia/Transphobia 101 idiocy out there. In spite of the fact that every previous answer is saved, people keep asking the same stupid questions, and other people keep on patiently explaining. Could we move on to 201 instead, please? I just don't have the patience to be a question-answerer on Quora, I've realized.

Young Miss Weaver (who is 7 years old and ought to be called Middle-Aged Miss Weaver by now) has been very cuddlesome of late. Pretty much ever since the handyman left at about noon yesterday. She was hiding...somewhere the whole time he was there, probably under the couch or at the back of the bedroom closet. Fortunately he has a cat as well, and understood that just because he couldn't see the cat didn't mean she didn't exist, and he was very careful when entering and exiting not to let her out. Which was quite unnecessary, because YMW hunkers down in a safe space when strangers come in and there she stays until they're gone, but was considerate of him.

If anybody in the Vancouver area is looking for a good handyman, feel free to PM me and I'll PM you back with his contact details. Anyway, she came out shortly after he left, meowing plaintively, and ever since she hasn't moved from my side except to eat or use the litter box. I have a guard cat!

Oh, and FIFA has disbanded its anti-racism task force on the grounds that it has accomplished everything it was supposed to do. Neat trick!
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Please be aware that there are some pretty sophisticated phone and computer scams going on right now. Watch out for the Microsoft one (linked above). That one actually charges you for the privilege of installing their "anti-virus" malware, which is a nice touch. Don't assume you're too smart to get caught. These scamming assholes are smart too. If they would but channel their energy into productive pursuits instead of ripping people off, we might have cold fusion by now. May they all die of bubonic plague!

I had a handyman in this morning doing various jobs that badly needed doing (and I suck at that kind of thing). Among other things, he hung some large and heavy pictures for me. They all look great, except for one. To be fair to the handyman, he did try to convince me that I might want to put it about 6 or 8 inches to the left of where I said I wanted it. But I was determined, I had a vision. A few hours later and I'm realizing I should've listened to him. I think I can salvage the situation, though. There is a small and light picture which I can put in the awkward wall space I've created, small and light enough that I can just hammer a nail into the wall, hang it myself and be done with it. But next time I will listen.
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OK, new rule for the next four weeks. Between Saturday, October 1 (today) and Saturday, October 29 I will not spend any money online. No music, no DVDs, no books, no ordering clothes (I have plenty already). I SHALL be strong!

Really interesting article from Obsidian Wings re: how humans never migrated out of Africa. Oh, but they did, I hear you say. Go read the article, and you'll see what OW is talking about.

On a related note, has anybody read Chris Stringer's newish book, Lone Survivors: How we Became the Only Humans on Earth? It looks intriguing, but it's expensive and I made a rule which I intend to keep. Also, it's supposed to be controversial. If it's good, I may buy it on October 30.

How is everyone on this rather cloudy and depressing-looking Saturday?
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Regarding our neighbours to the south, I read an interesting article to which [personal profile] giandujakiss had linked, Wisconsin is Systematically Failing to Provide the Photo IDs Required to Vote in November. Not a catchy title, but interesting article.

At some point is the USA going to take voter registration and related issues away from the control of partisan politicians of either party and give it to an arms-length politically neutral organization similar to Elections Canada? And if not, why not? I don't pretend Canadian politics is devoid of dirty tricks, or that having an allegedly non-partisan authority running elections is a panacea, but we certainly don't seem to have as MUCH electoral skulduggery as they have in the States.
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Rather than focussing on, say, the horrible misery in Aleppo or the recent presidential debate (in which I can't even vote, what with living in another country and not being a US citizen), today I am focussing on football, also known as soccer. In particular, the Daily Telegraph sting which brought down Sam Allardyce, the England national men's team, a mere 67 days after he was appointed. An interesting (to me) article:

Arrogant clot, for sure, but did this really merit ditching Allardyce? I have to say that if I were Mr. Allardyce, I would not be terribly thrilled at the unenthusiastic tone of this defence. I mean, nice for him that someone in the media is defending him, but the journalist in question is getting his shots in at the same time.

And Allardyce being covertly recorded calling his predecessor in the England job "Woy" is such an incredibly juvenile way for a 61 year old to behave that I can't feel too sorry for him. See, Roy Hodgson, who resigned after a disastrous Euro 2016 tournament (England were kicked out in the first knockout round by teeny tiny Iceland), has a speech impediment. So some people find it terribly amusing to call him "Woy". He may not have been a very good England manager, but the speech impediment has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a manager.

Oh, and Amazon.ca are complete frelling idiots. They sent my parcel Purolator Courier....to an Amazon Pick Up Point. A "pick up point" is where you get your parcel sent directly to your nearest Canada Post outlet and then pick it up there. However, Canada Post employees are not going to sign as receivers of a parcel sent by a private courier, as opposed to Canada Post. So the parcel will end up in limbo. It's happened before. I don't know where Amazon's shipping department keep their brains.

Still not thinking about Aleppo or the possibility of a President Trump.
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Sorry if anybody's posted anything important recently. I haven't been reading my f-list/dwircle lately. It's not that I don't WANT to keep up with everybody's exploits, it's just been a little nuts in Real Life.

Young Miss Weaver is going through a phase where she's being very demanding about getting petted. Any time I stop, she'll reach out a front paw, claws extended, and gently tap, tap, tap me on the arm or hand, as if to say, "Keep going. Don't make me scratch you, puny human."

So, what are you guys up to on this pleasant Sunday morning?
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The Emily of New Moon books by Lucy Maud Montgomery are not as well-liked by fans as the Anne of Green Gables books. I’ve heard complaints that Emily Byrd Starr is a Mary Sue. She’s prettier than Anne Shirley, and she has occasional psychic powers (she’s not reliably psychic, her powers only kick in when something important is happening). I admit these are probably valid reasons to consider her a Mary Sue, but I’ve always liked the books anyway. Haven’t re-read them in years, but my favourite part of the whole trilogy happens partway through the second book, Emily Climbs. Vague spoilers for the first book, Emily of New Moon and the second book. No spoilers for the third book, Emily’s Quest.

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The pharmacy screwed up. They were supposed to give me 60 tablets of the Seroquel 100 mg. Instead they gave me 60 tablets of the Seroquel 25 mg. And I am much too tired to go in and get it fixed today. I will deal with it tomorrow after work.

I seem to have acquired a handyman, for $35 per hour. He has a full-time job, something to do with cabinetry detailing, so he'll come in on a weekend soon and fix the various things that are going wrong, including the collapsing shelving in the front hall closet. Someone on my f-list refers to her home as Disreputable Manor, and I'm thinking about nabbing the title from her, if she doesn't mind.

Have cancelled Mum's scheduled visit for this afternoon, so I have the afternoon and evening for myself.

What are you guys up to? Anything interesting?
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News website Mic let go a pregnant editor and 2 staffers on Thursday, and had them escorted out of the building by security guards. That whole type of thing is something I've never understood. I can potentially see having someone escorted out if they're being terminated for cause. I can definitely see having someone escorted out if they're being terminated for workplace bullying, workplace violence, that kind of thing.

But when laying people off (i.e. not for cause, but because you're cutting jobs), it just seems so undignified. I've been laid off before and it's really tough. It would have been even tougher if I'd been escorted out like I'd done something terrible and couldn't be trusted to clean out my desk myself. That happened to Uncle #2 when he was laid off back in the early 1990's, and he was just mortified. He'd been there 14 years but was still escorted out by security.

And another article on Mic is ostensibly positive, but in actual fact, it kind of sounds like a shitty place to work.
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Cutting for discussion of child harm and attempted murder (not successful) of a child:

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The death toll of the earthquake in Italy is now standing at 241. Gawd! I ought to say something moving and soulful, but I'm still stuck on "241".
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Did you know that people actually LIVE in Greenland? Over 56,000 of them (as of 2014). I had absolutely no idea that anyone lived there. I should have realized, because the Canadian Inuit live in some VERY icy parts of the Canadian Arctic, but I hadn't realized the Inuit were in Greenland too. Apparently the population is 88% Inuit (including people of mixed Inuit and other descent), and 12% other, most of them Danish people. Because Greenland is an ex-Danish colony, and now an "autonomous country within the Danish Realm". I guess it's a bit like the British Commonwealth, but with more icebergs.

Oh, and Cineplex apologized profusely for the ghastly technical problems we had with the Special Event broadcasting of "Romeo and Juliet" from the Garrick Theatre. And more to the point, while they didn't refund my $45, they are going to mail out 2 Courtesy Passes to me. Can be used at any Cineplex theatre, for any movie, including the fancy schmancy Ultra AVX and 3D showings. So I'm content now, knowing I can take someone to a movie for free.

Uncle #1's 40th birthday gift to me arrived, but alas, the glass is broken. Fortunately he insured the package before he sent it, so he'll get his money back, but I'll have to get the glass replaced. It is one of his own paintings, framed, evidently.
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[personal profile] tatjna over on LJ has a really interesting take on body-shaming and THOSE naked statues of Donald Trump, a.k.a. it's still body-shaming even when the person it's happening to is someone you loathe. I was already uncomfortable with the statues, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly why. Tats articulates it beautifully.

And I remain vaguely uncomfortable with commercial surrogacy, particularly commercial surrogacy in underdeveloped countries, so this article was timely. Cambodia Proves Fertile Ground for Foreign Surrogacy after Thailand Ban: Surrogacy Agencies Outlawed in Thailand, India and Nepal have Upped Sticks for Cambodia, Where the Practice Remains Unregulated.
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Ai yai yai, today was a crazy day, both emotionally (anxiety spikes) and physically (recurrence of tummy troubles). Thank you for the replies to my posts earlier today, and I'll get to answering them as soon as I can.

But here's something hilarious I stumbled across while waiting for the second Gravol to kick in. Acidic Toronto Star article summarizing the Ryan Lochte Olympic robbery brouhaha. Maybe it's the Gravol talking, but I giggled and giggled and forgot all about my tummy trouble for a little while.

And now to bed.
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Would anybody like a slightly used domestic shorthair cat? Because she is working my last nerve. Yesterday she managed to jump on the kitchen counter and knock a full plate of food to the floor, breaking the plate and scattering my dinner all over the linoleum. AND she knocked over her water bowl, walked through the ensuing puddle of water, and then tracked muddy paw prints all over the bed sheets, which meant I had to strip the bed. She's not usually LIKE this. I want my normal cat back, not Ms. Klutzy McClumsyson.

Does anybody on my f-list/dwircle have any experience with buying movies and TV shows on iTunes, rather than buying physical DVDs and Blu-Rays? I am running out of bookshelf space on which to put my plentiful collection of geeky media. If you buy the thing on iTunes, do you have to watch it on your laptop screen, or can you hook up your laptop to your television? And if the latter, how difficult is it to do, on a technical level? What are the pros and cons of having media stored digitally rather than physical discs? Thank you in advance for your expertise and advice.

I feel gross and don't wanna go to work. I'm going to drag my carcass there, but I intend to bitch about it.
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Have had a haircut and am now annoying the cat by refusing to feed her early. She doesn't get dinner until 4:30 pm at the absolute earliest, and it's now 3:27 pm.

Speaking of cat, after several days of playing phone tag with the nice new vet, I finally talked to her this morning. Her taurine levels are just dandy, and she (vet) is not particularly worried about her (cat's) heart. However, just to completely rule it out, she'd like to do a heart X-ray when YMW is in and under general anaesthetic for her dental work in early September. If her heart is enlarged, which it probably isnt, it would show up on the X-ray. It only costs $120 and 80% of that is covered by YMW's pet insurance, so I said yes, go ahead. At that price it's worth it just for the peace of mind, and as she'll already be conked out for the dental (since you don't do dental work on cats who are awake if you want to keep all your limbs) they can just stick her in the X-ray machine and she'll be none the wiser when she wakes up with her mouth all minty fresh.

Don't wanna go back to work tomorrow, sulk, sulk.

Several people on my f-list/dwircle (naming no names) are experiencing serious or potentially serious health problems. World, kindly quit picking on MY friends!


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